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cold beer is bad for our health

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cold beer is bad for our health
The Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. delivered a simple message in its first report on corporate sustainability this week. Save the environment: drink warm beer. The report presents a detailed analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions that are generated in the retail sale of alcohol. Some startling facts are revealed that suggest consuming less alcohol would be great for the environment as well as our bodies. For example, the so-called "cool zones" where chilled beer is stocked contribute 15 per cent of the retailer’s total greenhouse gas emissions. The corporation has been cutting back these emissions by using better refrigeration technology, with results equivalent to taking 34 cars off the road.
Employees also have an environmental cost attached to them, such as when they travel on the job.
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The report comes well stocked with other good things that show how one of Nova Scotia’s biggest retailers is monitoring the environment as well as the social side of its business.
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But why is the corporation so concerned about positioning itself as a good corporate citizen?
Rick Perkins, speaking for the corporation, said businesses around the world were reporting on corporate social responsibility as a way of being accountable for the environmental and social aspects of their business as well as their bottom line.
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Will people who pick up a six-pack this week or a bottle of red wine on the way home from work think twice about the social responsibility of their liquor store? Yes, says Perkins.
Research being conducted for the liquor corporation shows "20 to maybe 30 per cent of the overall reputation of the organization may be impacted by all of those other things that aren’t about price and product selection," reports Perkins.
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"So (that means) the community involvement, good corporate citizen, good employer, environmental commitment, all those things."
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But the warm and fuzzy side of the corporation’s social responsibility campaign is being balanced by a hard-nosed campaign to target key customer groups, which begs some hard questions not raised in the report.
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Like the province itself, the corporation is facing flat population growth and, therefore, an aging customer base that is less inclined to drink. Use the
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Sales growth lies in the youth crowd and women, as this quick example will show. Although the segment of ready-to-drink products, such as coolers, is small compared with beer sales, the report notes that the consumption of these drinks "continues to rise in Nova Scotia even while it is declining nationally." Most ready-to-drink products are sold to women and people under 30, said Perkins.
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When the liquor corporation reports on social responsibility next time round, it might want to tackle the thorny issue of how its sophisticated marketing campaigns might be contributing to the health risks of those same groups of customers who are being targeted, namely women and youth.
Until then, drink warm beer or drink less — for the health of the environment.

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cold beer is bad for our health
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